"Carissa has photographed my family
several times, and her images are the most
beautiful photos of my children that I have.
Her style is to capture the moment
rather than try to create it, which is why her
images look so alive and modern."
Review From Nana Barnes for kids & family photography "This was unlike any of the other shoots we have done as a family. And the results are mind blowing. I had no idea you could capture the essence of our relationships like this. Wow!"
Review From NICOLE GAWEN for Kids & Family Photography "The pictures Carissa takes appear in four dimensions, the extra fourth dimension is emotion. How she translates that emotion into a photograph, or hundreds of photographs really, is beyond me.
It's a gift. She was great with my kids too, who can be hard to coral these days, and captured their youth and innocence in a way I never could."
Review From Elnaz Bahrami for kids & family photography "OMG, I love them. I can’t stop looking!"
Review From MICHAELA BURNS for Professional Photography "As an interior decorator, it was important that we worked with a photographer that could both capture our personalities, but also take into account the importance of the space around us. Carissa’s confident eye and artistic guidance were key in a successful team portrait session. She is a calming presence and can make even the most shy subject shine for the camera."
Review From Isabella Londono for portrait photography "Stunning pictures!!! I'm like...that's me? I'm blown away with each image. My heart is melting!..."
Review From Justine Lee for Professional Photography "Carissa's positive attitude and dedication to her craft makes her a joy to work with! She made the atmosphere relaxed which is not always the case during photography sessions. The pictures turned out fantastic and I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to family and friends!"