Fall Photoshoot Wardrobe Styling Tips

Coordinating multiple outfits can be a daunting task, so I have complied some of my favourite tips I shared with you last year and added a few more fresh ideas for this year’s 2019 Fall Photoshoot Styling Guidelines Blog Post!

  1. Layer it up! Layers create visual interest and will keep you warm and cozy if we’re heading outside for your pictures. Think tights, cardigans, vests, blazers, and scarves.
  2. Choose two main hues you love, and develop your colour scheme around them. Use the brightest colour — also known as the accent colour — sparingly.
  3. Aim to coordinate, beware of matching. If you love having your kids or family wear matching outfits, go for it, but keep in mind the risk you’re taking in blending together too much and looking like you’re all wearing a blanket.
  4. Solids and Patterns. It’s a good idea to mix solids and patterns throughout the family.   For example, if Mom is wearing a red sweater her daughter could wear a dress with hints of red in it or a red head band.  Or if Mom is wearing a patterned dress, her son could wear a solid top and pants.  
  5. Don’t forget accessories! Accessories not only add interest to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos. Necklaces for young girls to play with, a beautiful headband or hats and scarves to hide behind are a few possibilities.  

And here are a few other quick tips you might find useful to have:

  • Look for clothing collections in stores.  Purchase from stores that typically have colour coordinating collections that you can buy off the rack in one place!
  • Limit patterns and stripes.  Patterns and stripes can look great but are generally best worn in moderation.
  • Say no to characters.
  • Avoid all white or all black clothing.

Happy styling!

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