Five Portraits Every Mother Should Have

I’ve been saying this for sometime now, and while I don’t like to make assumptions, I’m going to now;). 

I think Mothers are slowly recognizing that they are missing from pictures ever since their children came along, or maybe even, shortly after their wedding day?  How many of you have you had a professional portrait taken of just you since your wedding day? Photos taken to update your passport, at a government office, or a headshot for work DO NOT count!

Let’s face it!  We’ve been busy documenting our own kids lives, taking quick snapshots on our phones (where the images will live forever or likely die) of day to day moments as well as capturing the bigger milestones like first steps, birthdays and more, and we started to evaporate from pictures.

So while I feel Mothers do recognize the need for family photos they are part of, I believe we still have quite a ways to go.

After much consideration I believe there are FIVE portraits every Mother should have

One of these, Mom ALONE, is the one I am sending out a rallying cry this Mother’s Day to try to encourage and advocate for more Mothers to #honourthemselves!


I know I just said, I think Mothers are getting better at recognizing the need to exist in their family pictures, but I have a lot of Moms still say to me “I would love to have pictures of my kids, but I don’t want to be in the pictures.”

Look, I honestly don’t like being in front of the camera myself, so I feel for you, I really do! But what I am certain of now, is that it doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or awkward. It’s your photographers job, my #1 job, to guide and direct you through the entire session and capture pictures of you that you truly LOVE! I can honestly say that I have yet to have a Mother regret being in her family photos.  



Simply beautiful portraits of you with each of your children are treasures! Capturing the unique bond that you have with each child, remembering how it feels to laugh with them, how it feels to hold them in your arms, how it felt to have their little arms wrapped around you, your children knowing how protected and safe they were in your arms…every Mother must have these kinds of portraits.

I didn’t start my second career as a photographer until my kids were school age. And so I let many milestones and incredibly special times in my life pass with no record of them to go back to.  How I wish now that I had beautiful maternity pictures taken and newborn portraits of me with my tiny little babies.  What I would do for these now and, as we all know, there is no going back!


Oh yes, I mean it!!! You and you alone, in front of the camera. I call these ‘Legacy Portraits’!  While you may never want to look at these photos (but I assure you will), your kids and their kids will be absolutely thrilled and so grateful to have special photos of you from when they were growing up. Time changes us all and memories do fade.  It is a gift for your children and future grandchildren to be able to look back and see what their Mother looked liked when they were 30, 40, 50…you see where I’m going with this!  Your children and future generations will always treasure photographs of you no matter what lines you think you have, what size dress you’re wearing at the time, whether or not you feel 110% picture worthy, I promise you, you are perfect just as you are and your children will think so too!


While this blog post has been all about Mothers, I have to include Dads!  I really do LOVE taking pictures of Dad’s with their children, partners and wives.  These strong, stoic men who soften and light up with their family in their arms. These photos are just as touching and precious to have.  I make a point of taking special pictures of Dads with the kids, their partners/wives in every full family session because they are equally important.


I realize not everyone is blessed with great parents, which honestly pains me to think about.  However, if you were lucky enough to have kind and loving parents, I am sure your appreciation of them has deepened over time, especially after becoming a parent yourself.

As I have shared before, I won the lottery with my parents and struck gold with my in laws. Our parents have always been there for us when we have fallen and celebrated with us as we rose again.  Our girls adore their grandparents and revel in the love they shower on them.

Bottom line is, we only have one Mother and one Father and they are the one’s who gave us two of the best things in the world…life and love. 

So please have timeless, meaningful pictures of your parents taken.  You will never regret it and if your kids are anything like mine, they will fight over who gets the pictures in their room. 

Which brings me to my final point.  Always order extra prints!  Everyone loves to be able to hold time and love in their hand!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Carissa xo

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